Ravenna High School

school buildingRavenna High School is a Class C-2 school in the Louplatte Conference. Ravenna Public School remains on the cutting edge of technology with the continual update of technology equipment and the employment of a full time technology specialist. In August 2011, Ravenna Public Schools implemented a 1-to-1 Laptop Learning Program where students in grades 7-12 were assigned their own laptop for educational use 24/7. The district maintains an elementary computer lab and 4 elementary mobile laptop labs. The district has complete wireless Internet access. Ravenna Public School has distance learning capabilities with the four mobile distance learning units each featuring high definition LifeSize audio and video capabilities. Each unit also uses a 50 inch HD monitor to display images. The IP technology provides the school with access to Network Nebraska II giving the district connectivity to almost every school district in the state along with all of the colleges to include UNL, UNO, UNK and all of the State and Community Colleges.

Ravenna High School offers college and dual credit classes, and classes in curricular areas normally not available through the schools current staff. Ravenna Public School participates in Tech Prep; and a wide variety of college prep and vocational tech classes are offered. There are a total of classes that are articulated through Central Community College.

Extra Curricular Activities
basketball victoryRavenna Public Schools offers an outstanding variety of Extra-Curricular Activities. Students can participate in a wide variety of activities such as: FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America), FFA Organization, SKILLS USA, STAR (Students Teaching About Responsibilities), NHS (National Honor Society), Robotics, Junior High and High School Athletics, Chorus, Band, Swing Choir, One-Act Play, All-School Play, Speech Team, YAB (Youth Advisory Board), AcaDeca (Academics Decathlon). The three vocational clubs are very involved with the school. Often, students will participate and compete in local, state and national competitions. The STAR program is Ravenna’s drug-free youth group for grades 7-12. YAB has been responsible for the construction and program development of the students’ youth center, found on the school’s campus.(also known as Bluejay Headquarters

Graduation Requirements:
marching bandStudents attending Ravenna High School are required to complete 250 credits to be eligible for graduation. Requirements include:

  • English (Lang. Arts): 40 Credits
  • Speech: 5 Credits
  • Health: 5 Credits
  • Mathematics: 30 Credits
  • Science: 30 Credits
  • Social Studies: 30 Credits
  • Physical Education: 10 Credits
  • Business: 10 Credits
  • Electives: 90 Credits

It is the expectation that all students and parents understand all parts of the RHS General Student Handbook and also the RHS 1-to-1 Laptop Learning Handbook.  Please take some time to read through the handbooks.

 RHS Student General Handbook.

1-to-1 Laptop Learning Handbook